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Province of Ontario Business Advisory Watch. General Business advisory for our clients and associate businesses with finical interest in the Province of Ontario or that are planing on investing in business within Ontario.

The informal advisory of a watch & caution to our respective Governments and business associates was spawned as a result of an associate's documented business venture in the Province of Ontario.

Given the reneged promises and failed redress to injustice we are renewing our caution Advisory to businesses dealing with the WSIB and our watch Advisory for people doing business in the province of Ontario.

The Ontario Liberal Government headed by Premier Dalton McGuinty, failed to change the way WSIB has been doing business or to compensate those that were harmed by the illegal actions of the WSIB.

The cold perverted WSIB actions dealing with this senior leaving him homeless unable to pay his health insurance and in failing health brought on by the WSIB actions is a measure of the Government organization (WSIB) disrespect of the public trust and rule of law.

Extreme over billing for WSIB coverage, withdrawing WSIB coverage when excessive bill wasn't paid knowing client wasn’t eligible for work without the WSIB coverage.

Using erroneous information to obtain a bank account writ.

The McGuinty government has reneged on a number of important campaign promises and failed to correct injustice to many people.

The below FAQ is in response to the large volume of email with common questions.

Q. : Were their previous problems with WSIB claims or business ventures?

A. : Never, in thirty years of work did he have a lost time injury or business venture problem.

Q. : Was a request for help made to any of the Provincial Politicians?

A. : Yes, An email request for help was sent to the Premier of the Province, he never acknowledged it.

Q. : What Political Party is the IT Advocacy Group associated with?

A. : "We" being the IT Advocacy Group have no Political affiliation, we will be using our IT abilities to publicize the plight of our associate and the absence of help from politicians in power.

Q. : How long will the watch advisory for the Province of Ontario be in affect?

A. : The watch advisory will stay in affect till the Government imposes laws that will remove the WSIB abilities to do this in the future.

Q. : How long will the caution advisory on the WSIB be in publication?

A. : The caution advisory will stay in effect until the WSIB do what is right and makes restitution for the damage they caused to our associate.

Q. : Has the WSIB made any attempt to contact or make an inquiry regarding our associate?

A. : The WSIB has made no attempt at contacting or repairing the damage they have done.

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